Greetings. Here you can find out a little bit about me, as well as links to my published writings, both novel-length and short. I hope you’ll read my “thing” blog, which offers periodic thoughts about the place and role of things in our lives.

Despite it’s being a fantasy, my novel, The Lives of Things, speaks to the very real truth that we all have very close and important relationships with certain objects. Things mean a lot to us because they symbolize our dreams and aspirations, or hold memories of our past or even our parents’ pasts.  Of course, sometimes our relationship with things is too involved. Things exert a powerful and not always benign influence on our lives.

When you read about my perhaps eccentric affection for the stuff that surrounds me, I hope you’ll be inspired to tell me about your favorite things and how they came to be important to you.

Of course I hope you will want to purchase The Lives of Things, so you can link to Amazon to make that happen here.

Thank you for visiting!

One thought on “Welcome

  1. A young Jewish woman has a supernatural power, to commumincate with the souls that built or constructed things. She uses this power wisely to discern the origin of various objects for sale at an auction house in New York. The communication is done mentally. It is usually truthful. All is well until she comes across an object that lies, cheats, is untruthful and evil.
    This is her story. It is well written and full of suspense. It is a hard book to put down. Foster & Farley, Inc.

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